My wonderful teacher — Peter Kristian Mose September 21st, 2016


I’m so excited to be resuming piano studies with Peter Kristian Mose later this month — after a 14-year hiatus!

I met Peter around the year 2000. I had bought my rebuilt Heintzman upright the previous year, and was ready to take some lessons again (this time after a 25-year hiatus!). At the time I had two young kids… and after a couple of years studying with Peter, my husband Eric and I had our third child, and piano went to the back burner once again.

Those kids are now 22, 18 and 14! And I am READY to embrace this part of my life again.

Coincidentally, Peter has recently unveiled his new website. You are invited to take a look here. If you’re in the vicinity of Toronto, ON, and if you’ve been toying with the idea of taking piano lessons or are looking for a teacher for your children, I strongly recommend you call Peter up for a chat. You’ll find his contact info on the site.

See you in the studio!




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