Humidity Control

Humidity Controlumidity control is also important in caring for your piano. Your piano may benefit from a Piano Lifesaver System, also known as a Dampp-Chaser. Here in southern Ontario, we have major seasonal swings in relative humidity. (Humidity is generally higher in the spring, summer and fall, and very dry in winter due to home heating. These swings in humidity cause cycles of shrinking and swelling in your piano’s wooden and felt parts. After many years of these repeated cycles, the tuning pins eventually become loose in the pinblock and the soundboard and bridges may develop cracks which can cause unpleasant buzzing sounds when playing.

Humidity control systems made especially for pianos help minimize the damage, as well as helping to maintain tuning stability. They do this by creating a microclimate inside your piano, in which RH is maintained at around 42-45%. The system is quite inexpensive (especially when compared to the cost of major structural repairs or a new piano) and easy to maintain. I have installed many of these systems and would be happy to help you decide whether to have one installed. (Yes, I have one in my own piano.)

You can read all about humidity control systems by clicking here.

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