I provide piano services in the Toronto area. I am acquainted with many technicians in southern Ontario and can help you find a technician elsewhere if necessary.

Any piano should be tuned at least once a year; new pianos need tuning at least four times during the first year as the new wire stretches. See our Piano Care Tips page for more. Please note I am primarily a tuner; if your piano needs extensive repairs, you would be better off to contact a full-service technician in your area.

Action Regulation
For more information about action regulation, see our Piano Care Tips page.

Humidity Control Systems
I sometimes recommend humidity control systems (also known by their brand name, Dampp-Chasers) for both uprights and grands. These systems help reduce damage to your piano caused by the swings in humidity common in southern Ontario, and they help keep it in tune better between tunings. They are easy to maintain. For more information, please see our Humidity Control page.

How Much Does it Cost?

Tuning Tuning usually costs between $120 and $150 (not including HST), but sometimes I will recommend another tuning in a few weeks if I have to bring the pitch up by more than half a semitone. Neglected pianos require several tunings before tuning stability is possible (i.e. before the piano will stay in tune well).

Repairs and action regulation are usually sub-contracted. Rates vary.

Humidity control systems cost $700.00 plus tax for grand pianos, and $550.00 plus tax for upright pianos, installed.